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I firmly believe that learning (anything, actually - but especially a language), is easiest and happens most when it's made enjoyable. However, to enjoy something, we need to feel relaxed. The reality is that we are often nervous and shy when learning a new language, or practicing speaking it. That's why I consider it so important to develop a real connection with my students. 

Having taught thousands of classes to thousands of students, my experience is that most people relax and learn best with an informal but professional, open and friendly teaching style. I have in fact, become friends with many of my regular students! When you feel supported and encouraged, and your unique goals and personal interests are listened to and truly cared about, it becomes much easier to let go of any inhibitions or fears which may be holding you back - and you will make progress almost effortlessly. You will also almost certainly have fun in the process!

Life is about relationships. Relationships are about communication. Language is our primary means of communication. If you feel comfortable and relaxed whilst learning a language, it will make it easier for you to use that language in real-life contexts, to improve your ability to communicate with others using that language. 


My aim is to help my students feel comfortable and at ease with using English, whatever the purpose. Whether you're learning English because you want to socialise when you travel abroad, or because you are hoping to live or study in an English-speaking country, or because you work in an international company and have English-speaking colleagues and clients, I will help you to develop the skills you need to communicate confidently and effectively. 

All classes at Love English .London teach British English and are fun, but challenging. I really care about my students, and want you to do as well as you possibly can.

Headshot of Aeva Joy Love wearing glasses and white shirt

Love English

Since I was a little girl, I have had a genuine, deep love of the English language. I am a strong communicator with a creative mind.

My First Class (Honours) university degree, work experience, and ongoing development in Education are combined with more than a decade of professional work as a legal secretary, and a lifelong passion for the creative arts, humanity, and life in general!

I know how it feels to learn a language, including one which uses a completely different alphabet to your own - I started learning Arabic in 2014.

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